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Welcome to my home page to find out more about me click on the "About me" link above. This website is to help promote my Twitch stream and merchandise store. I stream video games such as Playeruknown's Battlegournds, Anthem, Apex Legends, and many more game titles. I mostly focus on first person shooter games. I am a Twitch affiliate for now but looking to become a partner here in the near future.

My merchandise is located on the "Merchandise" link above Feel free to browse and give any recommendations in my chat. On how to improve my merchandise or stream. I enjoy feedback from followers and viewers from all over the world to make my stream more entertaining for everyone. Check out fellow streamers I play games with below.

Watch live video from Bearded_Baiter on


One of my close friends and streamer who has a great stream channel. Plays a large genre of games that could appeal to what you're looking for. Also he has an amazing beard and a very funny guy. He's a USAF Veteran who loves to show the "love" with chat.


You might know this man as FUNKER530 from his amazing website or youtube channel covering news and combat footage from all over the world. He's a Canadian Army Veteran and a great streamer with the military aspect of everything. He's a Twitch partner and one of the few I believe truly deserves having that title. Funker is also a very good PUBG player so if you see him on the battlefield know you were fighting one of the best.


A United States Army Veteran and one of best teammates on any video game you play and has a very interesting way to implement his military training into video games. He's a great PUBG player and very competitive who is soon to be a Twitch partner. Check out his channel for some great content and fun times.


A bearded brother who has one of the best beards on twitch. One of the friendliest people I've ever had the chance of meeting. He's an american streamer based out of Germany. Travis has some of best content I've ever seen as he stays interacting with his chat and just loves playing games for fun.