Brandon Wall eportfolio


Welcome to my eportfolio! My eportfolio will tell you about me, and work I have done. I have listed projects I have worked on in the past. You can also view my LinkedIn Profile. I hope to use my eportfolio to help get me a job after college.

Degree Backstory

I found out I wanted to do something with computers during my senior year of high school. My high school offered a cyber security class that year and I feel in love with the security aspect of computers. I decided that I wanted to pursue a AAS in IT & Cyber Security. During my the fall semester of 2018 at NRCC, Dr. David Filer inspired me to go after two degrees. Now I am going after a Computer Science Degree at Radford University when I finish at NRCC.

Web-page making interest

Making web-pages is something I find really interesting. In making this web-page I found that this might be something I could do in a career. I love all the technicality that goes into it. I just want to keep learning more about this stuff.

I love to figure out complicated things

I have always had a desire to figure out why things wont work. This is a key factor in why I got into the Cyber Security field. Finding out what hides information is a reason I like cryptography and escape rooms. Determining what makes the algorithm tick and what pieces you need to escape the room is fun to me. I will do whatever it takes to figure out complicated problems. That's just who I am.