Dylan Spade ePortfolio

Welcome to my ePortfolio!

Good Day! This is Dylan Spade, I am a student at New River Community College and I study the degree field of Information Technology Networking and Technical Support. I plan on spending two and a half years here at New River Community College. I love to go outdoors and be with nature and I love to go boating at Claytor Lake in Dublin, Virginia. We on our farm have loads of animals some including: Black Angus Cows, Jersey Milk Cows, different variety of chickens, many dogs, many cats, and two horses. We also have a very large greenhouse and a very large outdoor garden. These two areas are our main source of income and we use what is produced to sell at the Narrows, Virginia Farmers Market. During the summer are our busy months we produce hunders of rolls of hay and we work with other farmers when they're in need of some help.

About my Web Page Design Class

We are designing this ePortfolio in my Web Page Design Class also known as ITD 110 in New River Community College. Mrs. Eaton is teaching us how to become professional programmers and be able to design something in a timely manner. Professional skills are greatly needed in todays technology based world and everyone from small family businesses to large corporate busniesses need people to design and edit their websites on a day to day bases. Web Design is a mostly and easy job until you reach the math portion of it. So far I do like this class and if needed I could make a career out of Web Page Design.

A little bit about our farm

We are a small family farm located in Southwest Virginia in the beautiful hills of the White Gate Community. If you know anything about White Gate you may know that there are Amish living among us and I can confrim that is true. Though there isn't as may living here as there was in 2013 when we first moved here. On our 42 acre farm we have a herd of Jersey Dairy Cows, Black Angus Cows, Race Horses, Chickens, Pigs, Maremma Live Stock Dogs, and Cats. We have a 190 ft greenhouse that we use to grow our crops, which we eat and also sell at the Narrows Farmers Market.

Dylan Spade Professional Photo