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JavaJam Coffee House Project

Melanie Harvey
ITD 110
Spring 2009
Carlotta Eaton, Instructor

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JavaJam Website 

Taking the ITD 110 class this semester has been a non-stop learning experience. Challenging from the beginning and, at times just plain hard for me, it has provided just what I was hoping for when I registered for this class. I have had several years of web design experience using design view - not XHTML code. I did not know how to read code, much less write it! I feel that that background was, for me, a hurdle to overcome. I had to re-learn how to design a web page! My brain kept telling me to just do it the easy way (design view), but I am am glad that I did not give in and worked to learn XHTML code.

This class taught me design basics using a case study in our textbook called JavaJam Coffee Shop. After a review of the history of the internet, standards, W3C, internet protocols, and markup languages, we began to learn XHTML code. The hands-on practice exercises in our textbook provided a practical guide to learning.

I discovered that web design is not just about making information look pleasing on the page! Much time and thought should be given to the target audience, which affects everything from the design of the page, to the colors and font size that is used. Information on the site should be easy to locate. It is important to place the navagation bar in a prominent place on the page, and it should be repeated on each page in the site.

Images and sound add much to a web site. I learned about the different types of images and how they should be used. GIFs, JPEGs and PNGs all have their specific uses. It was interesting to learn how to create image maps, which may add some creativity to your site. It is important to understand that if images are used on the site, they should be at a low enough resolution that they load quickly.

In the past, I only had a passing knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It was frustrating to know that there was a better way to create web pages but not have the ability to do it! The JavaJam Case Study provided exercises to teach CSS. The exercises took us from creating a very simple web page to a web site with Flash files! It was expecially helpful learning to create tables to make the information more uniform. One of the greatest advantages of CSS is that by creating one file you can dictate what all your pages will look like. Therefore, only one change has to be made instead of changing each page on the site. What a time saver!

Web site design is not a job that you do by yourself. You must work with the client to find out how they would like their site to look and what they want to accomplish with their web site. You may work with a whole team to design a large site or you may be the whole team that designs the site. Each project will depend on the client and their needs.

This has been a challenging class that rewards the student with a solid foundation of web design. I entered the class wanting to know more about web design. I am completing the class knowing that I have conquered the hurdle and am on my way to creating better web sites.





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n on the site should be easy to locate. It is important to place the navagation bar in a prominent place on the page, and it should be repeated on each page in the site.