Jared Fisher ePortfolio


Welcome to my Eportfolio

This is my Eportfolio Page look around. I have a lot of interesting content about my history and goals in life.

Degree History

I graduated from Radford High school in 2018. I finished with an Advanced diploma and a Governors seal. I was Dual enrolled in College as early as my junior year. I am on track to graduate New River Community College with a Information Technology Degree with a Specialization in Cyber Security.

Cyber security interest

I have been interested in Cyber Security Ever since I was young. I loved Computers as a child messing with them and understanding how they work. I have an acute attention to detail and strive to perfect everything I do.

Understanding Complicated things

I love to research and understand complicated mechanisms. Such as how cars work I have rebuilt 3 engines altogether and continue to do regular maintenance on all of my vehicles. I have also built my own gaming computer and enjoyed learning and understanding all the components